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Just a beginning...

This has been bouncing around in my head for awhile. It's really rough--it hasn't been beta-ed or anything. I just wanted to get it down before I head off to vacation. I was looking for some feedback, and maybe someone could beta for me when I get around to actually writing the whole fic.

Title: Turn Ons (eh, just a quick title)
Pairing: Phelps/Thorpe
Rating: PG-13 for a bit o language
Disclaimer: I don't own them. I'm not making money of this. If I owned them, Ian would be blonde. If I made money, I'd bribe him to go blonde again.

Chlorine, Michael felt, was a turn on.

Not the white shit that kills germs in the pool. It wasn't even chlorine itself that was a turn on, it was more the smell of chlorine. A dizzying scent that totally knocked you on your ass. It was like a drug for Michael. Swimming was the perfect sport.

Men who smelled of chlorine were also a turn on. Men who constantly reeked of chlorine.Mem who had chlorine in their blood, their tears, and their perspiration.

Ian Thorpe, Michael revised, was a turn on.

But no one could ever know.
Butterfly, Ian thought, was a sexy stroke.

When a man swam butterfly, you could see every toned muscle flex and glide through the water. Michael Phelps doing butterfly was fucking perfection. Especially with his Speedo slung low on his hips.

Ian groaned, and cleared his thoughts.

Michael Phelps, Ian thought, was a sexy swimmer. Michael Phelps was basically perfection in the water.

Michael Phelps, Ian thought, was a huge turn on.

But no one could ever know.

Much love!

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