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Happy Birthday, Michael!

Title: Happy 20th Surprise
Author: Lacyforthorpey
Rating: R for language and sexual scenes
Pairing: Ian/Michael
Genre: Hot
Disclaimer: No, Not, Never, Fiction, Fiction, more Fiction from my naughty creative slash mind!

Author’s Note: I couldn't let Michael's birthday pass without a little love! This was just a quickie so no beta, hopefully not too bad!

* I'm almost finished loading the pictures of my beautiful niece!

Michael stretched and yawned in his oversized bed. Today, he was 20 years old. No longer a teenager, no more referring to him as the "boy" he hoped. Maybe now people, other swimmers...Ian Thorpe would that him seriously.

In Athens, Michael flirted with the sun kissed god. At the Super bowl, he came on strong with the Aussie but Ian shot him down. Mikey, your doubt about that but you're a kid. Ian's words still haunted Michael.


The long, lean swimmer did another full body stretch and rolled over on his stomach. He wasn't in a hurry to go anywhere today. It was his birthday and he was going to do what he wanted. Well, not exactly, what he really wanted was to be with Ian today....and everyday. Michael smiled to himself as he nuzzled into his pillow. He'd never given up easily and he wasn't going to start now.

Just as Michael started to doze off to sleep again with the huge Australian on his mind, he felt a hand touch the back of his thigh. Michael shivered. He must be coming out of a vivid dream he reasoned in his sleepy haze. Then the large warm hand slid up toward his ass, massaging it firmly before slinking between his muscular legs.

Michael jump up and turn around on the bed all in one sudden movement. "What the fuck?!" He screamed as he quickly realized the hand was indeed real.

Michael's heart raced as he panted. Words came hard. "Wh....what...are you doing here?" Michael wasn't sure if he was breathless because of the initial shock or the fact that Ian Thorpe was standing with one knee on his bed...completely nude.

"I'm here to celebrated your 20th birthday...I'm sorry I frightened you, I wanted it to be a surprise." Ian grinned with the corner of his lips cocked in his naughty, mischievous smile. "I can go, if you'd rather not have your present..." He slyly glanced as his growing erection then winked at Michael.

Michael choked on his own saliva but managed to cough out a reply. " mean...don't go!"

Ian smiled brightly and raised his brows playfully. He crawled upright, the rest of the way on the bed and took Michael into his thick arms. "Good...because I came pretty far to deliver it."

Both men chuckled before Ian pressed his lips to Michael's in a sensuous kiss. They kissed and embraced passionately until Ian finally released Michael's mouth, groaning seductively. Ian toyed with Michael's coarse curls and smirked, looking into the American's twinkling eyes. "Why don't you get back down on your belly and we'll carry on were we left off when I came in..."
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