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Poor Michael!

Title: Questions
Author: Lacyforthorpey
Rating: R/NC-17
Pairing: Ian/Michael
Genre: Love, Lust
Disclaimer: No, Not, Never, Fiction, Fiction, more Fiction from my naughty creative slash mind!

Author’s Note: Just a little love for Michael after his bad morning on Sunday. I wrote this that afternoon before I read about the relay that night so obivously the race schedules aren't acturate. One of the reasons I love fiction. LOL Just another quickie so no beta, I hope it's not too bad.

I'm still checking into my choices as far as changing my journal name and such after my sisters decided to invade my privacy. I'll let everyone know what I end up doing though.


Michael kicked the elevator wall as soon as the door closed. He knew it was pretty childish but it was the first chance he had to express his feelings privately with the crowds of reports and fans around him. Not only didn't he qualify for the 400m, he placed 18th. "18th!" he yelled as he punched the metal door. Rubbing his fist, Michael decided that wasn't such a hot idea if he was going to swim the rest of his program.

It wasn't that he thought he was invincible like everyone said. "I just thought I'd at least qualify...18th is...well it's embarrassing." Michael hung his head as he sauntered down the hall to his hotel room. "What am I going to tell Ian? I can't even qualify for his pet event." He mumbled under his breath.

Michael shut the door hard and flipped on the light. There he was laying out on his bed… nice and comfy in his t-shirt and briefs.

"IAN!" Michael screamed. "Oh my God! What are you doing here? You scared the shit out of me!"

Ian grinned as he sat up. "Well, that's no way to treat your boyfriend after he comes half way across the world to see you."

Michael stood frozen, still stunned then finally stammered. "No, I mean...yes, I'm so hap...when"

"You ask too many questions, get over here and give me a kiss!" The beautiful Aussie patted the bed playfully.

Michael flew across the room and into Ian's arms knocking him back on the bed. He squeezed Ian tight kissing him feverishly.

When they finally broke for a much-needed breath, Ian stroked Michael's damp curls as he looked up at the man lying on top of him. "Now, that's more like it, sweetheart." He smirked and pulled Michael down for a kiss on the forehead. "God, I've missed you!"

Michael's face lit up and his eyes danced. "Oh Ian...I've really missed you too!" He stole another kiss as he spoke. "This is the best couldn't have happened on a better day either." Michael sighed, frowning briefly, not really ready to tell Ian about his defeat. "Are you here on business? I thought you couldn't get away?"

Ian brought Michael down and then rolled him over. Gazing down on his lover, Ian kissed him passionately before responding. "Like I said, too many questions!" Ian chuckled and nipped at Michael's nose as his laced his fingers in the American coarse curls. "I'm here just to see you...I'd planned on coming all along. I couldn't have you here swimming your heart out and me not here to cheer you on, baby."

Michael purred as he grinned. "Ian, I love you so much."

They fell into another series of sensuous kisses that ended with the two men breathlessly panting and most of their clothes off.

"Ian...?" Michael nuzzled his lover's neck.

"Yes, dear?" Ian nibbled and licked Michael's ear.

Michael swallowed. "I...I didn' so well my first day..."

Ian lifted his head and peered down at Michael. "I know." He smiled and went back to work on the other ear.

"You know?" Michael pushed on Ian's shoulders bringing him back up again. "How? I was didn't see it? Did you? I was so embarrassed...what do you think I.....?"

This time Ian didn't wait for Michael to finish. He held Michael's hands out to the side and devoured his mouth before answering. "Michael, baby, what did I say about those questions?" Ian grinned but he could see that Michael needed to talk about this now.

He slid off his lover's warm body propping himself on his elbow and leaned in cupping Michael's cheek. "Michael, I arrived this morning so I could see you swim. I never want to miss a minute if I can help it." Ian ran his thumb across Michael's lips as he held his face. “I was going to just watch today then surprise you tomorrow after you win my 200m...but I thought you might need me more tonight."

Michael's eyes welled with tears and he sniffed. "Ian, your amazing and you're so good to me…you even assume I'm going to win when I race."

Ian smiled brightly as he reached down and wiped the tears that had escaped down Michael's cheeks. "It’s easy to be good to you, Michael. I love you with all my heart, baby…whether you win or not."

Ian was leaning in for another affectionate kiss when Michael grabbed hold of him and twirled him on his back this time. "Wait a minute..." he grinned as Michael positioned himself on top of his boyfriend's body. "...what do you mean by my 200?" Michael set out attacking Ian’s ticklish spots.

"I was just kidding!" Ian roared as he squirmed underneath his captor.

Breathless, when Michael hauled his assault, Ian managed to chuckle. "Well, it seems like your feeling're not going to let this morning's results bring you down?" Ian’s tone became a bit more serious.

"Nope!" Michael chirped. "I'm okay, better then okay with you here...I'm on top!" He ground his solid erection down into Ian's rigid length.

Moaning, Ian rolled his eyes then laughed. "You're so corny sometimes! You know that don’t you?"

Michael smooched his nose mischievously before agreeing and licking Ian's full lips.

As Michael began to tantalize Ian's ear and neck, the Aussie asked a series of questions this time. "Listen, Michael, do you want to talk about it some more? I mean…talk seriously…because if it's really bothering you we need to discuss it. Do you want to go get a bite? Maybe go for a walk?"

Michael sucked Ian's neck heavily then came to his lips. "What did you say earlier about too much questions? Michael smirked into Ian's mouth. "What I to fuck you, baby."

That was a victory Michael was sure to have...over and over again.
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